NOKO's music is a combination of the best elements of rock, metal, alternative and grunge. As the band describe the content of their debut release: "You will hear in our music the influences of metal, nu-metal, grunge and even progressive rock - from theese genres we draw our inspiration. At times, the music is very strong and dynamic but there are also moments of melancholy. The lyric describe the world and the realm of emotions and feelings through the prism of personal experience of our vocalist, but don't always relate to actual events and situations. They focus mainly on the burden of responsibility for the choices we make each day and the consequences associated with them."

NOKO came to life at 2004 /2005 in Warsaw, Poland, but the group came out on June 2008 at the 10th anniversary iM Rock Scene at the Imielin Community Center. Despite short early tours, NOKO reached some success and popularity. On October 2008 the band went on a UK Tour. The audience could see them at such clubs as Tommy Flynns, Fiddlers Elbow, The Albany and Hope and Anchor where legendary Sex Pistols & The Clash played. Creativity of NOKO was very well received by people in different age and different musical preferences.

A big NOKO success was the performance at the Jarocin Festival in 2011 where NOKO won very prestigious Audience Award - Gold Kameleon.( Jarocin Festival is legendary and one of the biggest music festivals in Poland with attendance of over 15,000. Established in 1980 during communist era, the festival has an interesting history and continues to present cutting edge rock artists to thousands of festival goers )

Also in 2011, the band took part in the first Polish edition of the TV show "Must Be The Music" broadcasted by famous Polish TV station Polsat. After performing three songs from the debut album, they conquered the hearts of both the jury and the audience, this getting to the final of the program. After this NOKO won interest from music show-business and got thousands fans on NOKO's facebook page.

In polish rock magazine "Teraz Rock" in the summary of the year 2011 - readers chose NOKO as the "New Hope of Rock".

On April the 4th 2012 their long awaited album came out. Every music station, magazine and web portal gave very high notes to NOKO's music and the band itself. They also got good press in Germany, Hungary, Swiss, France, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Greece, USA and UK. For 24 weeks NOKO's single " Bad Thoughts" was played in ANTYRADIO's( Legendary Rock Station in Poland)chart and 7 times NOKO occupied leader position on Turbo Top list reaching number 1.

Durig last years NOKO performed with bands like: LIMP BIZKIT, PAPA ROACH, COMA, FLAPJACK, ACID DRINKERS, PROLETARYAT, LUXTORPEDA and many many more... NOKO was invited to play at biggest festivals in Poland: Ursynalia 2012 , Seven Festiwal-Węgorzewo 2012, Jarocin Festival 2011 and 2012, Przystanek Woodstock 2012 Final Elimination and Emergenza Festival 2012 .

“What is interesting in their music is a combination of grunge, heavy and nu metal. From each style NOKO took the best: from grunge – rebellious soul, from heavy and nu metal – energy and characteristic melody. Each of their songs is a potential hit and you cannot just pass by it indifferently” says Leszek Gnoinski , one of the most famous and respected music journalist in Poland. ..

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